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September 11-13, 2003

NuMI Off-Axis Experiment
Detector Workshop

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IV NuMI Off-Axis Experiment
Detector Workshop

September 11-13, 2003
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

NuMI neutrino beam, currently under construction, offers an unique opportunity for detailed studies of the neutrino oscillation. This beam offers a particularly interesting opportunity for a very sensitive search for numu to nue oscillations, which can provide a variety of new physics insights in the neutrino sector, including the pattern of neutrino mass hierarchy, measurement of the hereto poorly constrained mixing angle theta13 and, perhaps, CP violation.

At this workshop we will review the progress made towards writing of a proposal. We expect the initial draft of all sections of the proposal to be available by September 5. It will be posted on this web page and it will form a basis for discussions at the workhop.

The meeting will take place at Fermilab, Wilson Hall 8x, known as the 'Hornet Nest'.

There will be no registration fee, but we very strongly encourage the participants to register using the online registration tools.

We encourage computer-based presentations at the workshop. However, a projector will be made available to those using viewgraphs. Following the workshop, the presented material will be available at the off-axis web pages, located at /. We expect all presentations to be provided to us electronically (that is, we are not planning to provide scanning services).

Looking forward to seeing you at Fermilab.


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Contact the Organizing Committee:
Adam Para (630-840-2132)
John Cooper (630-840-2235)
Elaine Philips (630-840-5160)

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