FLARE Notes Database Help

Welcome to help on searching the FLARE Notes database.

You may

  • Search particular fields in the database
  • Search for a word or phrase without specifying a field
  • Use a combination of both.

Helpful hints for searching

For searches on more than one field, you may specify whether to OR or AND the fields. The default is AND.

The default maximum number of documents to return is 100. For a large search you may want to raise this limit; or you can speed up the search by lowering the limit.

Text fields (Title, Author(s), Publication information, Word or phrase search)
All searches are case insensitive, so that searches for 'Fermi', 'FERMI', 'fermi', or 'FeRmI' will return the same result.

Type only the word or phrase for your search. You do not need to (and you shouldn't) quote or otherwise escape hyphens, underscores, etc.

You can specify several names or words within the Title, Authors, or Pub. info. fields, linked with "or" (the default) or "and". So, for example, either muon neutrino or muon or neutrino will find all notes where either word appears in the specified field; muon and neutrino will find notes where both words appear somewhere in the field. To search for an entire phrase, put single or double quotes around it: "transverse momentum".

Note number
You can search for the note number. Numbers with less than four digits may be specified with or without leading zeroes, e.g., 37, 037, or 0037.

Word or phrase search
You can search for a word or phrase without specifying a particular field. This will search all text fields in the database: Title, Authors, Publication information, Group, Classification, and Distribution.

Year requested, year posted, year revised
You can search for documents whose Note number was requested or that were posted or revised during, after, or before a specified year. The year should be specified as 4 digits, e.g., 2000. You can ask to match documents with Year = 2000, Year > 2000, or Year < 2000. You can also search for documents requested, posted, revised within a number of days of the current date.

A choice menu is provided for the categories so that you don't have to remember them.

Note Classification and Distribution
Buttons are provided for specifying the note classification and distribution categories. Multiple choices will be combined using OR or AND, depending on which one you choose at the top of the form.

When you have specified your query, press the "Start search" button. If you want to reset the contents of the form, press the "Clear form" button. These buttons appear both at the top and at the bottom of the form for convenience; the two sets are equivalent.

A list of documents that match your search criteria will be returned as a list in descending order by Note number. If there is an electronic version of the document available then a link to the electronic version of the document will appear. If there is an abstract, then a link to that will also appear.

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