Instrumentation Schools

The ICFA Instrumentation school offers to the students a unique formula that has, by now, become a tradition. Two weeks of lecture courses in the morning, covering different topics in particle physics instrumentation. Courses are given by researchers who are actively involved in the field and who are recognized to be experts in detector development. The lecture courses are supported by 9 afternoon of "hands-on" participation in laboratory experiments designed to demonstrate the material presented.
ICFA school is a truly international school open to a maximum of 80 students from all over the world. Since the main goal of the ICFA Instrumentation Schools is to stimulate particle physics instrumentation in all parts of the world, at least one half of the students come from regions of the world that are less technically advanced than Europe, North America, and Japan. Since a second very important aim is to promote future collaborations between these young physicists and their peers, the school also accepts students from the technically advanced regions of the world.

Forthcoming schools

Past schools