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Fermilab Liquid Argon Experiments

Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber is a relatively new, but fairly mature detector technology. It was developed primarily for the ICARUS experiment at the Gran Sasso Laboratory. Its detection capabilities are best conveyed by examples of the interactions registered in 300-ton prototype constructed and operated in Pavia by the ICARUS collaboration.


 Imaging capabilities, superb spatial granularity, particle identification power through the dE/dx measurement make the LAr TPC an ideal neutrino detector.

Fermilab has constructed two neutrino beams: the Booster beam is operating, the NuMI beam is nearing completion. Emerging LAr technology permits to exploit fully the physics potential of these beams thus maximizing the scientific return on a substantial investment of the Laboratory.

FLARE is an initiative to construct several detectors:

bulleta very large Liquid Argon detector in the off-axis NuMI beam to study an appearance of electron-type neutrinos in the NuMI beam and to search for CP violation in the neutrino sector.
bulleta small size detectors for the Booster beam and/or in the near NuMI hall for precise studies of low energy neutrino physics.
bulleta dedicated detector to search for neutrinoless double beta decay to establish a Majorana nature of the neutrino

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